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“My daughter said the other day, let’s go home. I told her ‘but I am home’. We have a lovely group here and we get on with everyone and help everyone.”


“We get looked after very well. I like to join in with the knitting and natter. I talk to these young ones whenever I come down to have my hair done.”


 “We have been married since 1954 and we have never been apart, I visit my wife daily and spend the whole day with her at the home. We like it here.”



“It’s a very good place and I enjoy the company. I have been here eight months and have made many friends. The chef has the patience to cope with all our individual demands.”


“We really like it here and I am well looked after. What I really like is that it is a smaller home so it feels more homely. The last home I was in was too big.”


“I have come on respite and have really enjoyed the company, food and environment. I really enjoy the pointing sessions with the group and the meals together.”


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