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Private Fees

Standard Rooms £578.50pw (High Dependency £619.00pw)


Ensuite Rooms £676.00pw (High Dependency £733.00pw)


Rooms 14 & 15 (Large Double) Single Occupancy £676.00pw (High Dependency £839.00pw)

Shared Double £546.44pw (High Dependency £598.00pw)


Available Services


Daycare £67.00 

Includes Morning Tea, Lunch & Afternoon Tea 

Include evening meal £72.00


Bathing Service 

Includes 45min Bathing with a cup of tea & biscuits afterwards in the main lounge  £27.00 (High Dependency £32.00)

Staff Escort Duties £11.00 per hour 

Visitors Lunch £5.75

Visitors Evening Meal £5.25

Our manager will assess. Please contact her to discuss. 


We also have contract for residents with social service support.

Staff Escort Duties £13.75 per hour

Please note: Additional charges may be incurred for taxi hire, petrol or car parking.

Social unit fees

All Standard Rooms without ensuite (but with sink)- £566.44 with effect 1st April 2022.


Rooms without Ensuite Top-up £75.00pw 


Rooms with Ensuite Top-up £105.00pw 

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