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About Us

We are a well-established company that has serviced the community in Boston Lincolnshire since 2011. Glyn Thomas will be an extension of our services in the town of Immingham being led by an established manager with years experience in the field.

The manager is assisted by an experienced team of senior care staff to enable her to fulfil the requirements needed to manage home.

We have the appropriate administration systems available to us, and record keeping, ensuring good client care.

Our dedicated work and training ethic which will continue to maintain our performance whilst offering the very best care to the local community and further afield. Service users will know that information about them is managed appropriately and everyone involved in the company respects confidential matters. We will endeavour to make sure that our service users feel as safe as possible, in all aspects of their care and life.

Our service users will expect experienced and well trained staff that will care for them with respect for dignity and privacy at all times. Service users will determine what happens to them and their informed, genuine and valid consent to the care and support they receive is essential. They will have as much control as possible over their lives whilst being protected against unreasonable risks.

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