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Prior to an individual moving in a comprehensive pre-admission assessment is carried out. If the individual is accepted a transition plan is developed prior to admission.   


Each service user living at Glyn Thomas House will have a care plan programmed which identifies the needs and capabilities of service users, allowing staff to encourage and support the service users to continue to live a fulfilled life within a caring home. 


Care plans are reviewed regularly.  The review periods vary according to the funders/care manager’s requirements but will not usually be less than 6 monthly. Service users are always invited to their review meetings along with any other people the service user may wish to invite. 

Long Term Care:
Choosing a new home for you, or your loved one is no doubt one of the hardest decisions you may have to make. We at Glyn Thomas House understand this and wish to help the transition from your home to our home as easy as possible.  We specialise in being ambassadors within the Care Industry and aim to meet your every requirement in a swift non complicated manor. We understand your concerns, your dilemma’s and your need to feel satisfied in your choice of home.  Our team of health professionals can answer all of your questions, hold your hand and guide you through the often confusing maze of choices and decisions.

First things First:
Each Service User is assessed, we can if you desire come to you for the initial assessment, however, the majority people and their families prefer to come along to Glyn Thomas House and see us at work, meet the team and residents, have a cuppa and let us do the rest.
What will we need to know? We will ask you questions about hobbies and interests, health concerns and problems, we will ask about mobility and if necessary we will consult with other healthcare professionals and arrange mobility assessments.  It may be necessary for your next of kin to be present on all assessments, this could be out of choice or out of need.
Service Users are all unique and that is why our bespoke care packages are person centred to meet every need and tick every box.  As the Service Users needs and requirements change the care plan changes to. Everyone is individual and it is very important to us to maintain your independence helping you stay in control and enjoy a quality life.
Key Workers are assigned to every Service User, these champions are here to communicate and befriend each guest, they liaise with health practitioners and family members keeping all up to date and in the loop. Ensuring that the Service User has a voice and is satisfied with all services being received and has contact with the community outside Glyn Thomas House.
We have no specified visiting times, your family and friends are always welcome, however they may wish to avoid meal times and early mornings.
Your Freedom – Your Choice:
We have a Service User’s Freedom of choice policy. Our Service Users may personalise their room to suit their own preference, following the risk enablement programme.

  • Bring your own belongings from home, for your room providing they meet with health and safety policy.               

  • Choose what time you get up and go to bed.

  • Entertain your visitors in your room or in one of the lounges.

Health Practitioners:
At Glyn Thomas House we work with numerous health practitioners: opticians, dentists, chiropodists, physiotherapists, hairdressers and many more. We work closely with The Roxton Practice, however, you are more than welcome to retain the use of your own GP.
One last thing:
This is your home, we want you to be totally comfortable with everything here. If you wish to offer suggestions then please feel free to do so.  

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